Criminal Defense



Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney David Torosyan is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to those who have been charged with a crime. 


At Torosyan Law Group, we handle a wide range of criminal cases, including: 

DUI Crimes: DUI Defense | DMV Hearings 

Violent Crimes: Assault and Battery | Criminal Threats | Homicide | Arson 

Theft Crimes: Burglary | Grand Theft | Petty Theft | Shoplifting | Robbery 

Sex Crimes: Prostitution | Solicitation | Rape 

Drug Crimes: Drug Possession | Drug Trafficking 

White Collar Crimes: Fraud | Embezzlement | Forgery 

Traffic Offenses: DUI | Hit and Run 

Los Angeles DUI Attorney David Torosyan is committed to ensuring that you understand your rights and will guide you through the entire DUI Process. The DUI process usually includes an Arraignment, a DMV Hearing and Trial. DUI penalties and sentencing become more harsh when prior DUI's are involved. 

Torosyan Law Group handles DUI cases, which include:

First Time DUI Offense 

Multiple DUI Charges 

Felony DUI 

DUI Involving Accident 

DMV Hearing 

Personal Injury

Torosyan Law Group provides Personal Injury and Car Accident representation. Going through a car accident is always a difficult time. That is why Torosyan Law Group is here by your side to help you through the entire process. 

Our Personal Injury practice areas include: 

Car Accidents 

Motorcycle Accidents 

Pedestrian Accidents 

Premises Accidents 

Wrongful Death 

Injuries from Defective Products 

Lemon Law

If you have been experiencing repeated issues with your new car, you may be entitled to compensation or a vehicle replacement if your car cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts. 

At Torosyan Law Group, we are dedicated to making sure our clients who have purchased lemons get the compensation or replacement they deserve. 


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